5430 Pulaski Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. 19144       (215) 848-6311

Canaan Christian Life Center

Catherine Williams, Ph.D., Executive Director | 267-270-4520

Mission Statement

The Canaan Family Life Center (FLC) is a non-profit organization founded in August 2007 that aims to assist residents and families in the Germantown and Greater Philadelphia area regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion, or ethnicity. The goal is to provide the missing services and resources necessary for a better quality of life.The center enables individuals to acquire skills, services and goods that are necessary to become independent and vested stakeholders within their community. Via supportive outreach and programming by dedicated volunteer staff, the following services are provided:

  •    • Emergency Food and Clothing
  •    • Incarceration Re-entry Assistance
  •    • Job Training
  •    • Domestic Violence Education and Referral Services
  •    • Housing Referral Assistance
  •    • Outreach, Education, and Enrichment

The Family Life Center and Canaan Baptist Church are separate entities. The program maintains a collaborative relationship with Reverend Dr. Derick Brennan, Senior Pastor and Canaan Baptist Church. The church is a great resource for potential volunteers and provides tangible resources for the program.

canaan baptist church